Creating Capabilities to Cope with Change.

We bridge the gap between IT and business to help enterprises become more resilient and responsive. 

At SparkTek, we help businesses leverage technology in a flexible and agile manner so they can adapt to the challenges created by business dynamism.

Our approach ensures that the technology deployed acts as a service enabler to maximize previous investments in business applications and is aligned to the business processes. We build dynamic business processes based on small, flexible modules that can be quickly modelled, tested, delivered, and improve. 

Our strong domain knowledge and experience, coupled with the complete Microsoft suite of services and industry best practices, give you strategic direction and a distinctive competitive advantage. 

Digital Transformation 

Delivering capabilities for the new world 

As companies worldwide shift gears to adjust to the new normal, we understand their needs to be able to quickly adapt to the new. With our complete set of offerings, we are confident that we can fuel the growth of these enterprises by adopting the right mix of digital strategies. 

Now more than ever, companies need technology partners who can deliver digital solutions in a quick, agile, and secure way. We have got this formula right over the years with our rich industry exposure and experience. 

Our digital enablement framework equips you with the right tools, strategies, and operations needed for a successful digital transformation. 





Cloud Computing 


Emerging Technologies

Building resilient systems with new technologies 

Adoption of emerging technologies shows great promise in producing a significant competitive advantage for organizations. 

At SparkTek, we have a dedicated research lab for emerging technologies where we observe a multidisciplinary approach to identify the nature of the technology, its adoption curve, trends, and best practices. Over the years, our research lab has fuelled our different practices by investing in the right technologies to build solutions that are ahead of their time. 

From advanced analytics accelerators to automated solutions, we have successfully utilized the right mix of emerging technologies and shaped the vision of tomorrow. 




Cognitive Analytics 

Augmented Reality- Virtual Reality 

Cloud Computing 

Take Your Cloud Solutions to a New Height 

Today every enterprise aims to be on an always-on mode with real-time software solutions that can scale to rapidly changing loads. In addition, enterprises demand deep insights into their customers to drive business decisions and predict market changes. The early adopters of technology can quickly disrupt long-standing industry leaders with their ability to innovate and introduce new technology solutions to established problems. The public cloud is a proven model for driving innovation. By lowering the turnaround for operations, teams can spend less time waiting and more time-solving business problems. In addition, flexibility and scalability are the key drivers across various points in the business spectrum. Optimizing cloud technologies offers the benefits of increasing efficiencies, enhancing operational flexibility, and empowering businesses with the right scalability to elevate businesses to the next level. 

At SparkTek, our cloud computing services allow enterprises to fulfil their future needs and systematically scale cloud solutions as per their requirements. We help enterprises build their cloud solutions from scratch and handhold them in the various aspects of their cloud journey, from facilitating migration to maintaining existing applications to cloud platforms. 

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